15th & 16th of May
Maribor, Slovenia

Want to dive into the European Adriatic & Balkan start-up scene?

We invite you to become an active partner or sponsor of the PODIM conference.It's an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand, services and products.

Besides a presentation in front of the right target groups, we also guarantee that as an active partner or sponsor, you will gain a lot of new disruptive ideas and acquaintances.

As an established company, the PODIM Conference gives you the opportunity to collaborate in the following ways:
  • Sponsorship: Write to us and we will send you more information about the sponsorship packages that we prepared for you. There are quite a lot of options, from sponsoring the entire conference to sponsoring an individual content segment, speaker or side-conference activity. We're also open to other suggestions.
  • Buying tickets in bulk with a special discount and actively meeting startup companies: An alternative collaboration possibility is buying 5, 10, 15 or more tickets, which are an excellent gift for employees or business partners. Buying tickets in bulk also includes the option of actively meeting startup companies, but not all the benefits that you gain if you sponsor the conference.
  • We are also open to other collaboration opportunities based on your suggestions.

Decide to sponsor the PODIM Conference

Every year, PODIM Conference sponsors are incredibly satisfied to have decided for such collaboration. By sponsoring the PODIM Conference, you benefit from the following:
  • The latest business knowledge of globally and regionally recognised experts.
  • Networking with conference speakers at side events (business dinners…).
  • Participation in the conference programme and presentation of your own best practices to the audience from the region.
  • Collaboration in the module that actively connects more than 100 startups from the region.
  • Media exposure (logos, interviews …) as part of conference promotion and directly at the conference, which is carried out with the purpose of building a dynamic startup ecosystem and incorporating it into the total economy.

Not convinced yet? 

We present PODIM, with 36 years of tradition and a successful history, in its key numbers:
  • Number of participants from the Alps-Adriatic region: 600+
  • Number of internationally renowned speakers: 40+
  • Number of annual media publications in the region: 200+ (with a reach of more than 10,000 people of the region)
  • Number of participating startup companies: 100+
  • Number of international conference partners: 30+
  • Number of represented countries (speakers and participants): 10+

The central topic of this year's, already 36th, PODIM Conference 2016 is how startups revolutionize all aspects of a business environment. We'll talk about the silent disruptive forces of startup companies that transform the environments we work in, the markets in which we operate, the way organizations do business and, last but not least, the values of a society. Join the strong silent lines of force of startup companies, which are an engine of progress and build our joint future.


Two more reasons ...

There are two more key reasons why you should join sponsoring the PODIM conference:
1. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Get new ideas from globally recognized experts.

We are all aware that today, innovativeness is one of the main competitive advantages of companies. As Steve Jobs already said, innovations distinguish between leading companies and followers on the market. Companies based on knowledge with value added can enormously increase their innovation activity by networking, collaborating and ensuring a constant information flow between scientific fields, research institutions, business service providers, creators of the latest business knowledge and all organisation stakeholders, from employees, users, the public, suppliers and others.

Conference partners don’t only have the opportunity to attend the conference with reserved first-row seats, but also the possibility to participate in all side events, in the form of dinners, sightseeing tours of the region etc. It’s a unique opportunity for having a face-to-face discussion with the most esteemed global business experts and entrepreneurs, and for getting new ideas.

By participating at the conference, you will not only acquire the latest knowledge but will also get an entirely new opportunity to increase your innovation activity with networking and collaboration.

2. Meet more than 100 start-up companies through speed-dating

Every year, “speed dating” between established and startup companies in the region is organized as part of the PODIM Conference. Based on the previous best practice of linking investors and startup companies, a systematic and concrete strategic way of connecting new ventures with established market players is organized at the conference every year.

One-on-one meetings will take place at the conference itself, while establishing connections and transferring all key information will already happen beforehand. When establishing a potential partnership, we will also additionally help with directions, suggestions and ideas if needed. A catalogue of startup companies will be prepared and based on that, you will give feedback on who you want to network with and we will gladly organize the meetings.

We invite you to become a PODIM conference partner as an established company. Increase your innovation activity and keep your leading position on the market by using a startup approach and collaborating with innovative startups as well as SMEs from the region.

Join us

Become a satisfied PODIM Conference partner! Write to us and we will send you more information about the sponsorship packages and the option of buying tickets in bulk. We would also be happy to meet with you. Contact person: Matej Rus, [email protected]